Education Department

Education Department looks after education including continuous education, secondary education, higher education, technical education, pharmacy education

Key Functions

  • Continuous education and literacy are important programmes.
  • Universalisation of primary education for children in age group 6 to 14.
  • Restriction on expansion of secondary and higher education and occupationalisation of secondary education and improvement of secondary and higher education
  • Concentration of plan and non-plan provisions and best use of investments made in education sector and the purpose of development.
  • Improvement in quality of implementation.

In view of wide objectives, education department forms policies on education, supervises implementation and issues orders in the form of guide lines and orders.

Primary Education Department involves following Programmes

  • Primary Education
  • Education – Training to Primary and Pre-Primary Teachers
  • Direction and Administration
  • Construction of class rooms
  • Improvement of physical facilities in primary school
  • Computer Donation Scheme
  • Supply of text-books to primary school students
  • Vidyadeep Yojana
  • Vidyalaxmi Yojana
  • Compound wall to primary schools
  • Residences for teachers
  • Repairs to classrooms of primary schools.